The history of Jula

The history begins with a log saw at the Jultorp farm on the edge of Varaslätten in Västergötland. Jula is the family business that became an international group with several companies and department stores in Sweden, Norway and Poland. This expansion that has led to today’s Jula is a history of curiosity, incentive and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Follow the history of Jula with us here.

Jula 40 years

Jula celebrates 40 years!

This year Jula is celebrating 40 years, which we are going to celebrate together with the staff and our customers.

Even if our reality today looks a little different to when Jula was first set up at Jultorp in 1979, the foundation for Jula’s success remains in many ways the same. We are enterprising, dedicated, we accept responsibility, believe in simplicity, and we are driven by curiosity.