Radosław Słabaczewski

Radosław Słabaczewski, 40 years old.

Describe in which way you are home-improver

Fixing things and being active in my spare time brings variety into everyday routines and not only helps me to relax, but also makes me proud to have done things with my own hands.

Tell us about a home-improvement project you are satisfied with – big or small

My favourite project is the bathroom in my house, which I’ve renovated myself. I did the insulation, the wooden walls and floor, painted and did the impregnation, redid the installation and fixed the electric heaters. I did everything myself, so it was just the way I wanted it.

How will you be celebrating your 40th birthday?

I’m going to some parachuting, because I’ve never done it before.

Which is your favourite product/thing in our product range?

There are a few things, I like the work clothes – they are hardwearing and functional. But I would vote for the machete. A real outdoor product, both for excursions in the nature and for working in the garden

Do you have any tips about a product you would like to see in our product range?

A bigger machete.