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Mikael Palm

Mikael Palm, 40 years old.

Describe in which way you are home-improver

I like doing carpentry, and maintenance work both indoors and outdoors I also do more simple repairs on the car.

Tell us about a home-improvement project you are satisfied with – big or small

I have built a somewhat bigger patio and after a few years it became a glazed space, and also a combined woodshed and place to store the caravan.

How will you be celebrating your 40th birthday?

We are treating ourselves to a trip to Spain.

Which is your favourite product/thing in our product range?

I buy a lot of your screws, pellets, and work clothes.

Do you have any tips about a product you would like to see in our product range?

I miss a wide range of air guns and accessories. I also miss better types of radio controllers.