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Mick Ronny Sandberg

Mick Ronny Sandberg, 40 years old.

Describe why you are a home-improver.

I like pottering and trying out different things at home. It’s less expensive to try and fix things yourself.

Tell us about a home-improvement project you are satisfied with – big or small.

I’m very pleased with the kitchen and I will soon have finished it. It’s the first time I have put in a kitchen and fixed everything myself.

How will you be celebrating your 40th birthday?

Not quite sure how I will be celebrating my 40th birthday, but I think it will be with the family and the children.

Which is your favourite product in our product range?

It must be a tool. I can’t get enough tools.

Do you have any tips about a product you would like to see in our product range?

There should be more types of engine oils. Otherwise I’m very pleased with what Jula has.