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Henrik Johansson

Henrik Johansson, 40 years old.

Describe in which way you are home-improver

I do a lot of the maintenance on the house and in the garden myself. Painting, carpentry, wallpapering and repairing machines and cars, etc. But not big plumbing or electrical jobs.

Tell us about a home-improvement project you are satisfied with – big or small

The most recent and actually what I am most pleased with in the new house is an aquarium that I made with the framework and technicalities concealed in the actual building. The television, computer and media centre are also hidden inside the cover, which is also electrically manoeuvrable.

How will you be celebrating your 40th birthday?

By taking it easy with the family and being at home. I have a handicapped son, so we don’t travel far.

Which is your favourite product/thing in our product range?

Just now it’s probably the flexible spring for the PVC pipes (cable pipes) that I made a few aquarium filters from.

Do you have any tips about a product you would like to see in our product range?

I wouldn’t mind Jula having a timberyard.