Erik Larsson


Erik Larsson

Erik Larsson, 40 years old.

Describe in which way you are home-improver

I am a home-improver who solves everything from carpentry, painting, plumbing and a little electrical work. We live in an old house so there is always something to do, and now and then we get started on bigger projects.

Tell us about a home-improvement project you are satisfied with – big or small

I’m very pleased that we built a small apartment over our garage that we now rent out. I didn’t do everything myself, but a lot of it. We built in under the stairs and made room for two vacuum cleaners, bedding, pull-outs for the table, clothes racks and an ironing board.

How will you be celebrating your 40th birthday?

We are going to have a big party with all our friends by the sea, with good food and drinks. We will also be making a trip.

Which is your favourite product/thing in our product range?

I have a lot of good products that come from Jula. The last thing I bought was a screwdriver, but what I always buy is firelighter pads because they are really good for the open fireplace, and also for the grill outside.

Do you have any tips about a product you would like to see in our product range?

I wish there were more things for hunting and out in the forest at Jula.