Real estate deals

Karl-Johan tells us about some of the real estate deals he has made together with the real estate company G&K Blanks Fastigheter AB over the years.

Gjutaren 2002

We acquired the small warehouse property Gjutaren by the E20 from a haulage contractor. We renovated an office in the area and Jula’s customer service moved in for several years. I built out the back end in two stages for a larger warehouse with the help of a friend who owned a company called Borga in Skara. This was one of many warehouse units we had at that time in Skara. After a few years we decided to build the first phase of the new and bigger central warehouse on the adjacent site.

Tornby, Linköping 2003

This former ABB service property has the best display location on the E4. It was very difficult to find places to rent in the area at the time, so I saw an opportunity to buy the property and rebuilt it to a two-floor commercial property.

Gävle 2007

We were looking for a commercial location for a long time in Gävle, and I saw an opportunity in this future location by the E4. I bought and built this commercial building, and also bought a neighbouring site with the best location. Now it is an established and popular shopping centre.

Jung 2013

When Cylinda wound up its manufacturing in Jung I contacted my friend Svante from Vara. I saw an opportunity in this big property with its excellent location for a logistics centre and possibly a reserve warehouse for Jula. I thought that he might well have had the same idea, so we bought it together as an exciting joint project. Today the property houses the Kellfri central warehouse.

Karlskrona 2013

The whole family was involved when our son Christian went to the university in Karlskrona. We had checked the rental market there previously and when we were sitting in McDonalds I saw the shopping centre in front of me by the E22, which I then bought, demolished and then built the present commercial properties.

Nyköping 2016

I wanted to get a good location on the same side as ICA and Coop by the E4, which we had been looking at for a long time. We inquired about the Coop property and they were willing to sell it, so we bought it and built the new commercial property at a fantastic display location by the E4 for Jula. A really good Jula location!

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